Called By GOD,

Centered in Grace,

Calvary Serves & Ignites People for Christ.

We work to make sure that our mission statement is not simply something we post on our website and print on our letterheads, but rather something that guides us in our life together.rs a reason to do business with you.

What it Means

“Called By God”…

Our desire is not to be an “us having our way place,” but a “God having God’s way place.”  We believe God has plans and purposes for all of us and for each of us. We believe everyone is gifted with unique gifts from God, and that joy is found in offering those gifts to God’s plans and purposes. We believe it is God’s desire that we who call Jesus Lord are also called to be Jesus’ love alive and active in God’s world. We believe we live into our callings not only in the context of church and of worship, but also in the everyday moments of our everyday lives.

“Centered In Grace”…

Grace is love offered not as a reward but as a gift. Grace is forgiveness offered not to those who’ve earned it but to those who need it.   Grace is giving without needing to be noticed or rewarded for it.  Grace – “amazing grace” – is Jesus, giving his all on the cross, that we who can make no claim upon his love might nevertheless know how deeply we are loved – now and forever.  In a world way too often graceless, we believe our call – as individuals and as a community – is to be grace-full.

“Calvary Serves And Ignites People For Christ”… 

We believe that we are not just called to “come to church,” but to “be the church.”  We believe that love for God is not just a personal and private thing, but a calling that moves us in the direction of others.  We believe that love for God without love for others is not true love for God at all.  We believe we share our love for God and others by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, in whom there is eternal life, and also by reaching out to serve and care for those in any kind of need in this life.