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Word and Sacrament Worship

Calvary gathers regularly around God’s Word and the Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion). Recognizing that our oneness with each other is not defined by our sameness, but by the one and same Lord whom we all worship, we value and practice worshiping in a variety of styles. As a congregation, we seek to be a worshipping community whenever we gather, and to see the ways in which our daily lives are opportunities for worship.

Caring and Wellness

We view health holistically, including physical, spiritual, emotional, and interpersonal wellness. We pray and care for those struggling with pain or unhealth in any or all of those areas. We encourage healthy lifestyles and healthy choices.  We believe that we are called to be caregivers in the name of Jesus, who is the ultimate healer.   We strive for, pray for, and believe in healing that happens in this world, while remembering too the everlasting hope that is ours in the promise of the perfect healing that heaven will bring.

Outreach and Social Justice

We believe it is scripture’s clear teaching – and our deep joy and faithful responsibility – to show our love for God by reaching out in loving service and witness to others, both locally and globally.  We understand ourselves to be both evangelists and servants.  As evangelists, we share the Good News of the heavenly hope that is ours because of all that Jesus has done and promised.  As servants, we strive faithfully to live in the direction of heaven’s hopes for this world which God so loves he gave his son, and in which God calls us to be the hands and feet and voice of that love.

Children and Youth

We regard children and youth as vital and valued members of the church today, rather than seeing them simply as “tomorrow’s church.”  We provide opportunities for them to participate, learn, grow, and be strengthened in their faith in God. We value the ways in which they help others – and all of us – grow and be strengthened in our faith. We nurture and support healthy relationships for them in their families and their daily lives, and we encourage, help, and partner with them in serving and igniting people for Christ.

Lifelong Growth

Calvary believes spiritual growth is a lifelong endeavor. We provide lifelong opportunities for people to keep learning and growing in their faith by offering education and service opportunities for people of all ages.  We seek to be a congregation in which people can grow, learn, serve, and support one another in the context of Christian community.

Empowering People’s Gifts

We believe that every person in this church has been blessed by God with unique gifts to be used for building up the body of Christ. Through encouragement, education and experiences, we seek to help people discover their gifts, to empower them to use their gifts, and to help them develop and grow into their gifts.


Calvary encourages all people to help create, participate in, and take ownership of the ministries of the church in ways that are consistent with the gifts and passions that God has given every one of them, and also consistent with the mission, values, and purposes that God has given us together. We all have an important role in being the church that God calls us to be – for each other, and for the world.