Calvary Foundation Mission Statement:

Calvary’s Foundation provides perpetual financial support to further Calvary’s mission of serving and igniting people for Christ both locally and worldwide.”

How your gift to the Foundation blesses the work of God at Calvary...

Gifts to the foundation are used to provide faithful and creative financial support to mission, ministry, and building improvement needs that are not otherwise covered by Calvary’s Annual Budget. (Since Foundation Funds are not used to subsidize Calvary’s yearly budgetary commitments, donations to the Foundation should be considered by those who would like to make a contribution beyond their regular annual giving.)

Since the cash amount of actual gifts remains intact and a percentage of earnings generated by the gifts is disbursed, contributions to Calvary’s Foundations are “gifts that keep on giving,” providing long-term financial stability to the work of Christ at Calvary and in the world.

How your gift to the Foundation can be a blessing to you...

Many who have been a faithful part of Calvary’s ministries and mission in their lifetime and it to be very meaningful and powerful to know that their gift to the Foundation will leave a legacy of support to their church after they are gone.

Current North Dakota law provides some unique and very beneficial tax incentives to both individuals and businesses who make major contributions to qualified foundations like the Calvary Foundation. These benefits may or may not be renewed in coming years, so acting now could be important in taking advantage of these opportunities.

How to Apply

The Calvary Foundation generally receives and acts upon Grant Requests twice a year – usually in early May and early December.  Grant Request Forms must be completed and returned to the church office at those times in order for a grant request to be considered.

Download the grant request form below to begin the application process. 

Contact the church office with questions. 

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