Love God by Reaching In Love To Others

We continue to grow in global and local consciousness of both God’s passion for justice and our ability and responsibility to participate in the unfolding of God’s kingdom in love. We take seriously our mission to "serve and ignite people for Christ.” We understand ourselves as partners in God’s ministry; seeking to walk alongside those we serve, and valuing the ways others teach and minister to us as well!

Honduras Mission

Calvary maintains an ongoing relationship with our brothers and sisters in the village of El Triunfo, Honduras – including funding a year round lunch program which feeds 100-150 children per day.  

There are two lunch sites for Honduran children in a small village, La Pena, outside of El Triunfo, and approximately two miles from the Nicaraguan border. With the continuing relationship that exists with our brothers and sisters in El Triunfo, a number of lasting friendships have been established and are renewed from year to year.

Interested in this experience?

For trip details , how to sign up  or to talk to someone about their experience, contact the church office. If you would like to support this ministry, consider purchasing a day of lunches for the kids in these food programs. 

Youth Missions

Calvary regularly offers both High School and Middle School youth the opportunity to grow in faith and make a difference in God’s world by taking part in a summer mission trip. 

We believe that these experiences teach youth to put love into action - to literally be God's church in the world. We encourage youth to listen and learn from those we meet along the way and reflect on their perspectives and understandings of faith and the world. 

Learn More

If  you are interested in learning more about these mission experiences for young people send us a message!


Ethiopia MIssion

Calvary has a partnership with a ministry in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and continue to plan mission experiences to Addis every few years. It is an experience of accompaniment and walking alongside the beautiful people we encounter. We help to spread Christ’s love to the people who live in orphanages, villages, the mountainside communities, and much more. If you are interested in exploring your faith and seeing first-hand what God is up to around the world, contact the church office for more information.

Feed My Starving Children

The Grand Forks Area Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event is held in the spring each year and Calvary loves to support this ministry. As the  idea of a few long-time Calvary members we love to support the way those in our Calvary community seek to grow in service to others.

Want to take an active roll in fundraising or support?  Contact the office so we can get you in touch with the leaders of this ministry!

Lutheran Disaster Response

The ELCA’s Lutheran Disaster response program allows us to partner with other Lutheran Congregations and Synods located in areas directly affected by disasters.  Since the adminstrative infrastructure is already in place, we are able to assure donors that 100% of the gift they give will go directly to those in need.