When you worship with us you'll likely see a few of these things at every service. Calvary believes all are welcome - to the Baptismal font, the communion table and in all aspects of worship - regardless of age or church background. 



We welcome all to the Font at Calvary

All are welcome – both young and old, both members and non-members. At Calvary, baptisms happen many ways but most often, they happen during worship. In preparation for baptism, we ask that you attend one of our Baptism orientation classes, held monthly at Calvary. On this page you will find out a bit more about Baptism and what it means in the church. Reach out to any of our pastors if you would like to talk further about a Baptism. 

What is Baptism?

The word comes from a Greek word (“baptisma”) that means “dipping in water” or “washing.” Baptism unites us with Christ and makes us children of God.


  • Bestows God’s grace on us
  • Names us a child of God
  • Adopts us into a new family
  • Calls us into newness of life
  • Provides assurance that a saving relationship with God has begun through the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Gives us the promise of eternal life in God’s kingdom

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teach them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:19-20a).



Additional Information

All Are Welcome

We believe it's not our "table" - it's Christ's table. Everyone -regardless of age or church background- is invited to receive the bread and wine at communion which for us is the body and blood of Christ. Regular and gluten free wafers are available at every service. Wine is offered in the Sanctuary along with and grape juice. We don't want the presence of alcohol to prevent anyone from approaching communion. Contemporary Worship in the Fellowship Hall is our completely non-alcoholic service.  

What To Expect

Communion is primarily served by intinction - dipping the wafer into the cup.  Non-gluten wafers are served upon request. Occasionally in the Sanctuary communion is served at the rail - worshippers kneel as able.  There will be one blessing spoken for all at the completion of communion.   At every service you attend, you will be guided by ushers. As you put forward your hands to receive the bread and the wine or grape juice you will hear these words addressed to you: “This is the body of Christ, given for you. This is the blood of Christ shed for you.”  This is Christ for you.

What Communion Means

Like baptism, Holy Communion is regarded as a sacrament. That is, it’s an act of worship ordained by Christ and is a means of grace. This does not mean that we become any more worthy of God’s grace by taking part in Communion. 

Rather, we open ourselves to the divine love that’s already there; we become more ready to receive that love and to respond to it.


At Calvary, as Jesus did, we welcome children of all ages as integral members of the body of Christ, and we welcome the sounds and activity that accompany them! With this in mind, we have decided to try test out a new space designed for our children ages 3 and under, who don’t currently go to church school during the worship services, through a new space called the Prayground.


The Prayground is an area in each of our worship spaces intended for families with infants and toddlers, recognizing that small kids are often more engaged when they can see what’s going on or are in a space they know is for them.. Small tables and chairs, soft toys and coloring sheets help to keep our littlest ones occupied.


Our hope is no, and certainly not any noisier than if those same kids were sitting in the pews! There will be the occasional crying baby or noisy toddler but we trust parents to help their child take a break when they get really disruptive. The prayground is not a drop off nursery care, we have the nursery for that! Instead this is intended to be a space for parents to sit with their children in an area designed for them!