Calvary Stewardship Drive & Capital Campaign

Forward in Faith Campaign

From October 6 - November 17, Calvary Lutheran Church is having a capital campaign that will focus on three major need areas our church must address: Ministry: Annual Operations & Stewardship Support; Mortgage: Reduction of Church Mortgage Debt; and Maintenance: Church Building Maintenance Needs.  

With everyone’s participation, Calvary Lutheran Church will continue to be a congregation that welcomes all of God’s people, guides and nurtures the faith of our youth, extends a helping hand to those in need, encourages discipleship, offers prayer and resources for healing, teaches the Word of God, serves and unites others for Christ.   

Letter from the Pastor

People of Calvary,

God’s people at Calvary are ready!  Ready to move Forward in Faith, into the future, beyond debt, to new possibilities through being faithful stewards of His gifts.

In 2012, Calvary members stepped out in faith to better serve our congregation and community. They undertook the “A Growing Place” building project of our Fellowship Hall and youth Sunday school rooms that lead to spaces used well after Sunday morning and for people well beyond the walls of Calvary.  

From this building project, we were able to grow – grow our facilities, grow our congregation, and grow our ministries.  From the vision and fundraising efforts of our members in 2012, Calvary has experienced a 29% growth in average attendance, thanks to the building of the Fellowship Hall additional space. 

In fact, because of our entire Calvary building, we are blessed to serve many different groups, events, and missions, such as: Vacation Bible School, weddings, funerals, Sunday worship, Honduras Rummage Sale, Totally Tables, benefit fundraisers for families in need, Women’s Retreat, Memory Café, community forums, Lenten suppers, potlucks, concerts, and so much more. Our entire building continues to be a blessing to many!

We have an opportunity to move forward, stepping out in faith again to: 1) Pay down our mortgage debt before our loan interest rate increases in September 2022;  2) Repair, rebuild, and refresh critical features of our building that require much-needed attention, thus preparing for future ministry in our community; and  3) Imagine the possibilities for directing this congregation’s generosity toward new visions and missions by establishing a 2020 annual operating budget.

THANK YOU!  Your commitment to Calvary continues to help us move Forward In Faith in the direction God calls us to grow. 


Pastor  Kirk

areas of Support needed


Ministry (stewardship)

Annual Operations & Stewardship Support 

Goal: $820,000 in commitments by end of 2019

with $1,059,000 given by end of 2020

Each fall, many Calvary members will share their giving intentions for the following year.  This information is crucial to our financial committee when creating the annual operating budget. Our annual operating budget funds programming, staffing, utilities, outreach, and much more.  It is what the mission and vision of Calvary alive every day of the year. Your 

contributions on an annual basis to our general budget are never too small and are greatly appreciated!



Reduction of Church Mortgage Debt ($980,000)

over the next 3 years

Currently, our building mortgage is roughly under one million dollars.  Calvary has been making steady progress towards paying down the mortgage over 

the years, but not at a rate that would allow the debt to be at zero prior to September 2022, when the interest rate on the loan will increase.  With the interest rate increase on the near horizon, we would like to be fiscally responsible and pay off the mortgage prior to that increase.  By doing this, we can reduce the financial burden of our congregation and allow for future funds to be allocated toward other ministry opportunities.



Church Building Maintenance Needs ($700,000) 

within the next 3 years

Our church building continues to have maintenance needs that require attention.  These needs include: 

  • Replacement of our aging HVAC system (furnace and boilers) 
  • Reconstruction of an expanded parking lot
  • Restoration and reconstruction of our sanctuary altar
  • Replacement of old carpet and painting of our building interior 
  • Replacement of Sunday School doors to doors with windows for added safety 
  • Blinds for Fellowship Hall windows during services
  • Video recording equipment for online viewing of sermons for Calvary members and guests that aren’t able to make it to services.   

Helpful Information


How to Give

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

All members & friends of Calvary are invited to consider a commitment based on the ability God has given each of us.

  1. Prayerfully Consider your 1-Year Commitment to our 2020 Ministry/Stewardship and your 3-Year Commitment to Mortgage & Maintenance
  2. Choose your Method & Way of Giving
  3. Share Your Intention with Calvary by 11/17/19

Thank you for moving Forward in Faith with us to provide for the ministry & mission of Calvary Lutheran Church.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

 We understand you may have questions.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.  We have put together a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet you may find useful. 

If you have a question that was not on the FAQ Sheet, just give us a call or send us an email anytime. 


Creative Ways to Give

Frequently asked questions

Creative Ways to Give

While your primary motivation to give should be rooted in prayer-focused consideration and a call by God, you should also know that creative, tax-wise options exist that can help you make

 your best gift. 

We have provided information you can download on Creative Ways to Give, Stock Gifts, IRA Gifts and more.  If you would like to talk to someone about your options, just let us know.


Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Looking for an overview of the campaign? 

You can download our Forward in Faith brochure here.


Intention Form (PDF)

Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Called by God to support Calvary? 

We are grateful for your gift and commitment to our ministry and mission. 

Feel free to download an Intention Form, fill it out on your own time, and mail it to the church, or bring it with you on Commitment Sunday - November 17, 2019


Online Giving

Forward in faith brochure (PDF)

Online Giving

Giving online is a convenient and simple way to make a gift.  Whether you are looking to give a one-time gift or prefer the hassle-free method of automatic withdrawal giving, we want to make the process easy for you.  Check out our Online Giving Info Sheet for a simple tutorial on how to give electronically.  

Forward in Faith Videos

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